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In 1837, Charles Louis Di Funi (Charles Lewis Tiffany), full of longing and dreams, came to New York from New England. This dream has evolved into today's internationally renowned jewelry store Tiffany & Co. Year, his loan was $ 1,000 capital, a stationery boutique opened in New York. Store business was flourishing, and gradually extended by the sale knick-knacks and ceramic, and thus sales of watches, clocks, silverware and bronze, with the gradually from the the TIFFANY company in the world-class reputation of the gem industry, Charles Di Funi in the shop increase in the sale of gold and jewelry, and then laid the solid foundation of the Tiffany jewelry business. Charles Di Funi devoted his life to collecting a variety of life special occasion to add colorful exquisite items, more interested in design souvenirs for the world event, he thinks TIFFANY In addition to the sale of fine goods, should also to play an important role in the history of . The mid-19th century French Queen Marie Cruz, TIFFANY purchased and sold the famous "diamond belt" and the crown jewels. In 1850, when the first transatlantic cable laying is complete, TIFFANY Offer paragraph 4 inches long cable as a souvenir to celebrate the coming of the New World. In 1886, the Statue of Liberty arrived in New York Harbor, TIFFANY especially designed for this purpose invitations, to commemorate President Cleveland was officially opened by the event.